Monday, April 2, 2007

I hate mondays

Saturday evening C#1's best friend came home with her, and spent the night. Yesterday was hectic, with WS being several hours in his bed, claiming sickness, amd the kids making a horrible mess everywhere. I didn't do any mathematics, and I didn't do any household duties either.
This morning there was a talk by PD#2, and then I spent several hours discussing our joint paper with PD#1 and S#6. It seems that now it's completely settled, and some of the details may very well be left out and become a tiny new article.
I then spent 90 minutes discussing with S#9 his thesis project. It's coming out really well, and he should have a really good paper in a few months. He's only despondent because he's convinced I'm helping him too much. He should see what the others are doing... although, to be fair, he got a really nice problem, and he might really be faster with it. If he wasn't so outrageously young, and the problem so revoltingly technical, that is.
I'm really happy with him.
Now I just have to make sure that, at some point, I can number all the students correctly :-).

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