Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Marital jealousy

Yesterday I was late in the office. Mostly I was delaying going home, since I was really sick with a bad cold; I was sitting back in my comfortable armchair with my eyes closed, appreciating the silence.
When I went home, finally, WS was really angry. After some gentle coaxing, he finally admitted that he was jealous because I had spent so many hours working on my paper with PD#1 and S#6, and not on our joint paper. So I sat there with him and we discussed it for an hour, after which he admitted that he couldn't even make a reasonable statement of his proposed generalization of our main theorem.
This morning I spent another hour discussing with WS and I explained to him my proof of the one missing statement in the current project. So now that paper is mathematically finished, and we might manage to write it up in the easter vacation. I might have two papers on the arXiv before the end of april! I can't believe it!

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