Saturday, March 31, 2007

Strange weekend

C#1 went to school on her own yesterday morning (well, half the way), and I haven't seen her again yet. After school she went to a friend's place and stayed overnight. I'll go pick her up soon.

I didn't do any maths yesterday evening, had a good night of sleep, was woken up by C#2 and C#3 at 7am sharp. We went shopping in the morning, and after lunch came to the office: while they watched "Nemo" I managed to answer some email and, more importantly, print and mail 13 recommendation letters for PD#1. I'm sad he's going, and hope he does get a permanent job, which he amply deserves.

On a sadder note, I heard from a perspective candidate for our position as PD#3: he can't apply because of a stupid age limit. We should just cancel those.

When I woke up this morning I had another insight on how to simplify a definition (and subsequent proofs) which was kind of worrying me. I managed to do the few relevant calculations this morning while C#2 and C#3 were preparing a drawing for WS. He'll be back this evening. I can't wait.

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