Saturday, April 21, 2007

Working with my husband

Today, and the whole week, I found it very hard to seriously concentrate. At least I did manage for a couple of hours, and now the article with WS seems to be approaching completion. It is not that great, but it's ok. I did check one of his most badly written proofs, which had been bouncing between right and wrong in the past, and it is right. Just appallingly badly written. How he finds it natural to write something which mixes rigour with gut feeling and ends up being a proof is beyond me.

Plus, I have to accept the way he wants to write part of the paper. I discussed it yesterday over dinner with a friend, and he said that he understood my objections and asked why I didn't try to discuss with WS a change of notation. My answer was that 1) he's actually the expert in this area, so maybe the notation, although crazy, is indeed standard and 2) many women love their husbands so much that they accept infidelity, drunkenness, and marital violence. If all I have to face is the fact that a few brackets become subscripts, it really seems a minor sacrifice.

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