Tuesday, May 1, 2007

News from the homefront

By choosing this month to be away, I cleverly skipped being at home during a 4-day school vacation, caused by May 1st being a Tuesday. Yesterday morning WS called to say that C#3 had a fever. Apparently he has a cough, didn't sleep well in the night, and in the morning was very hot and very sluggish. What should he do, asked WS?
Of course the answer is easy: nothing. Just wait and see, unless the fever rises. After lunch the fever was gotten a bit higher, so C#3 got some paracetamol. Thirty minutes later, the fever was gone. He played all afternoon, and around dinner time announced that he would like some sausages. I haven't yet heard from them this morning, but if that was the end of the illness, WS is really lucky.

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