Saturday, May 5, 2007

Last Thursday

Last Thursday was a really good day mathematically. We had three talks. The first one was in the morning, by UnCo, about work which is partially joint with me. UnCo showed up late (saying that he's not a morning person is a vigorous understatement) and went 15 minutes overtime, but he gave a really great talk. I'm lucky at being able to learn from him.
The second one I gave, about joint work with PD#1 and S#7. The first afternoon talk is always a problem, since part of the audience (particularly mature, portly gentlemen) has a tendency to nap. Still, it was well received and got pleasant and useful feedback.
The third was by my student, and that led to a question by one of the mature portly gentlemen who, no doubt refreshed by the previous nap, alerted me to a very important 40-years old reference I had missed.

To cap the day, UnCo and I went for a pleasant long walk, had dinner together, and talked about Gott und die Welt until midnight, while finishing a well-deserved bottle of French wine. There are days when I really love my job.

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